TCF Partners Full-Service Offering

Debt Advisory

TCF Partners advise, support and work on structuring credit facilities for commodity traders and other corporates. Committed or uncommitted, borrowing base secured (ABL), transactional or unsecured, bilateral or syndicated. TCF Partners and their client jointly determine scope and approach before the project commences. We start every project with a feasibility analysis, before launching the actual RfP process. A TCF Partners mandate can therefore vary from a simple strategic advice, up to a full credit facility design process, including borrowing base and covenant structuring. Also, the syndication and documentation legs of a process can be included. We team up with collateral inspection partners and legal partners where needed and use our vast financial institutions network to reach out to appropriate banks and alternative financiers.

TCF Partners have a hands-on approach based on experience and by partnering up with our client we aim for the best possible credit facility structure and best conditions.

Debt Restructuring

TCF Partners apply their extensive debt structuring capabilities and involve their collateral inspection and legal partners when assisting clients in restructuring credit facilities, either by own choice or forced by lenders. Your TCF Partners have significant experience in work-out scenarios and collateral recovery processes.

TCF Partners stand by their client as it is of utmost importance to have a strong, knowledgeable and trusted partner in difficult times.

Trade Finance Solutions

TCF Partners advise and assist commodity traders, importers & exporters of non-commodity products, and other corporates with cross-border payment flows, on trade finance instruments. We carry a wealth of experience in the areas of letters of credit, documentary collections, bank guarantees and structured contingent liability instruments.

TCF Partners provide full-fletched trade finance support to corporates, yet also provide accessible trade finance support to SMEs.

Banking relationships

TCF Partners assist in building and maintaining relationships with financiers, both with traditional banks and with funds & other alternative financiers. TCF Partners train treasury staff in borrowing base reporting and financial covenant reporting towards financiers.

Having been on ‘the other side’ for 30 years each, your TCF Partners know how to make the client – financier relationship work.

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