About TCF Partners

Your TCF Partners Sven de Zoeten and Rene Piket combine over 60 years of senior Trade & Commodity Finance experience at major banks and have both built impressive track records in designing and implementing a wide range of credit facilities for companies with cross border business. Ranging from bilateral transactional facilities to award winning syndicated borrowing base facilities and ranging from pre-export & pre-payment structures to receivables discounting. We know what financial instruments are available for companies with cross border business and how we can create the best solutions the markets have to offer.  We have an extensive network in the financial markets and excellent access to a wide variety of financial institutions and other service providers, such as lawyers, inspection companies, brokers, insurance companies, government bodies and alternative financiers. We have first-hand experience and long-standing expertise in optimizing collaboration amongst all stakeholders to create and deliver the best solutions.

Your TCF Partners advise companies with cross border business on optimising or changing existing financing facilities and on new financing opportunities. We can come to an advice based on limited research or on the basis of a full-scale due diligence process. We can include third parties, depending on requirements, to come to the jointly targeted result. Our work is always done on a truly independent basis which means we are not selling products but are giving honest and independent advice. We have a keen eye for collaboration across sectors to achieve optimal results. Importantly however, TCF Partners work not as an intermediary for any financier, insurance broker or insurance company. We gladly follow up on the preliminary advice we composed and assist with raising and documenting the desired financing solution. We involve third parties where necessary and desirable, to deliver the best results possible. We strongly believe trade finance and commodity finance, when used correctly, are extremely beneficial tools for any company’s liquidity and risk management. Were needed we can provide tailor-made training in both trade finance and commodity finance, sharing our 30 years of banking experience.

Your TCF Partners have a long-standing and extensive background in interacting with companies along the value chain in the industry itself, including miners, processors and traders, and with service providers which support the industry, such as banks, lawyers, insurers, governmental bodies and surveyors. We have first-hand experience in optimizing collaboration amongst all of these stakeholders to achieve the best results. We strongly believe in success through partnership, and regard expanding existing partnerships and building new partnerships as the key pillar for growing businesses. Mutually beneficial partnerships are based on trust which is our second key pillar. We do not take trust for granted but work on earning it every single day. Our third pillar is quality. Only by combining the right analysis with operational excellence outstanding results can be achieved.

About Sven

Sven A. de Zoeten
Enthusiastic, positive and open minded. I approach problems and opportunities in an original and creative way. Future-oriented and like to push boundaries. Combine a strong vision with the ability to determine how today’s decisions can shape the future. Natural big picture thinker and can quickly connect the dots. Create a good but also commercial team spirit. Very experienced in the financial sector with a deep knowledge of Trade & Commodity Finance.

About Rene

Rene Piket
Experienced commodity relationship director with extensive track-record in origination & structuring, corporate finance mandates, trade finance advisory and successful recoveries. Bringing expertise on the banking industry, regulatory requirements and a deep knowledge of the energy trading industry. With a strong natural ability in building long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships, putting to work available funding and trade-finance structures and initiating advisory processes in the M&A space. Having built a broad network of relevant professionals in banking, commodity trading, energy sector and adjacent areas. Committed to innovation, energy transition, sustainability and social responsibility.

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